Single Touch Payroll Reporting

The fine tuning of Single Touch Payroll is now endeavouring to disguise family violence leave.


If an employee has taken a period of paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave (FDVL), employers should record this on their pay slip in a way that makes the pay slip look as close as possible to how it would have looked if the employee had not taken the leave.
FDVL must be reported in STP to align with how you would ordinarily show these amounts on the employee's payslip if they had worked, as:
  • part of gross as an employee’s ordinary hours of work or;
  • a payment made in relation to the performance of the employee’s work, including (but not limited to) an allowance, bonus or a payment of overtime or;
  • upon request by the employee, as an amount paid for taking a period of some type of leave (other than a period of paid family and domestic violence leave).

Super guarantee obligations still applies as ordinary times earnings.

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